My missions

Bilingual Executive Assistant, I give administrative and accounting support to Management.

I offer you an hourly rate, sliding scale packages or customized services, adaptable to your needs.

All my missions are defined by a signed quotation and a job list.

I work as a freelancer and manage my activities remotely which gives me more autonomy and flexibility in my schedule.

My customers (international)

My customers are mainly CEOs, Company Directors, Managers and Independents.

Your need: to delegate in total confidence all administrative and management tasks in order to optimize your time to focus on your leading role.

Your Advantages

Cost savings: no social charges, no purchases-stock of materials and equipment and supplies, no office expenses.

Flexibility due to customized services depending on your required workload.

A disadvantage?

A face-to-face meeting is sometimes needed? Even if most of the exchanges are perfectly adapted to videoconferences, organizing a face-to-face meeting on a punctual basis is possible.

Fo any requests, please contact me: contact@elodiecholat.com

My skills

Expertise in Support to Management

Reactivity and rigor in my services

Proactivity and necessary anticipation of your needs

Great rigor and attention to detail

Absolute Confidentiality

Fluent English

My profile

I have a degree in Management Assistant, an Economist diploma in Business Management (CNAM) and a Master’s degree in Finance (Business School).

These studies gave me a solid knowledge of financial and administrative management.

I have worked 13 years in the Administrative and Financial field as a Bilingual Manager Assistant then 3 years at Airbus in Management Support functions.

I have also run my own company for 5 years in Montreal, Canada, which allowed me, moreover, to strengthen my skills in English, my favorite foreign language.